Master of Science in Health Informatics – Charlotte

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Master of Science in Health Informatics - Charlotte
Health Informatics
Program Description

The MS in Health Informatics online program prepares students to successfully address the combined clinical, technical, and business needs of health-related professionals.

Title Status Year
MS Health Informatics publish 2020
MS Health Informatics publish 2019
MS Health Informatics publish 2018
Program Experience

Co-op makes the Northeastern graduate education richer and more meaningful. It provides master’s students with up to 12 months of professional experience that helps them develop the knowledge, awareness, perspective, and confidence to develop rich careers. In addition to the esteemed faculty, many students enroll in the Master’s programs largely because of the successful co-op program.

Graduate students typically have an experiential work opportunity following their second semester. This could be a six- to eight-month co-op or a three- to four-month summer internship. Those who initially experience co-op may have the opportunity to seek an internship for the following summer, or vice versa.

Student participation in experiential education provides enhanced:

  • Learning
  • Maturity, responsibility, and self-knowledge
  • Technical expertise
  • Occupational information
  • Job seeking and job success skills
  • Networking opportunities with those in desired career paths

Northeastern’s co-op program is based on a unique educational strategy which recognizes that classroom learning only provides some of the skills students will need to succeed in their professional lives. Our administration, faculty, and staff are dedicated to the university’s mission to “educate students for a life of fulfillment and accomplishment.” Co-op is closely integrated with our course curriculum and our advising system. The team of graduate cc-op faculty within the Khoury College of Computer Sciences provides support for students in preparing for and succeeding on their co-ops.

These multiple connections make co-op at Northeastern an avenue to intellectual and personal growth: adding depth to classroom studies, providing exposure to career paths and opportunities, and developing in students a deeper understanding that leads to success in today’s world.