Master of Science in Economics

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Master of Science in Economics
Program Description

The Master of Science in Economics is a degree in applied economic analysis and policy. The MS degree is designed to provide a solid foundation in economic theory and quantitative methods, while providing an opportunity for students to apply the tools of economic analysis to particular policy areas. The program is designed to serve the need for a terminal graduate degree for those who want to become professional economists, government officials, and economic consultants, and to lay the groundwork for students who wish to pursue the PhD degree. 

Title Status Year
MS Economics publish 2020
MA Economics publish 2019
MA Economics publish 2018
MA Economics publish 2017
Program Experience

The Department of Economics offers a Graduate Cooperative Education option in its Master of Science in Economics program. This exciting program option allows qualified students to enhance their practice-oriented graduate education in Economics with actual work experience. Please note that this is paid work and not an unpaid internship. Students who meet the following academic criteria are eligible to apply for participation in this program:

  • Completion of the 4 core courses
  • Completion of 2 semesters of coursework
  • A minimum Grade Point Average of 3.500

Following a rigorous internal interview process, successful applicants are recommended to, and interview with, prospective employers. The final decision on hiring is made by the employer. The co-op experience typically begins after the spring semester has ended, or when the position is secured, if later, and continues until the end of the fall semester. The student then returns and finishes remaining academic requirements during the following semester(s).