Master of Science in Robotics

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Master of Science in Robotics
Program Description

The Master of Science in Robotics is a multidisciplinary program with concentrations in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science.

Title Status Year
Master of Science in Robotics publish 2019
Program Experience

The College of Engineering Graduate Cooperative Education Program (co-op) is one option for experiential learning and is available on a competitive basis to selected students. Cooperative Education at the graduate level is not just a way for students to gain real world experience, but is a way to challenge, network, expand and fine-tune their knowledge within their respective industry. The goals of cooperative education are to:

  • Apply knowledge and skills in new, authentic contexts.
  • Develop new knowledge and skills.
  • Integrate and use the deepened knowledge and skills in your academic programs.
  • Reflect on and articulate how you used your knowledge and skills, how you gained new knowledge and skills, and how “theory and practice” work together.

The Graduate School of Engineering placed over 200 students with some of the most sought after technical skills in positions nationally during the 2015 academic year. We have a team that prepares students for cooperative education experience through resume building, developing interview skills and guiding professional development.